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Photograph of a woman with a crutch being assisted by a nurse.
The hip joint is a ball and socket type joint.

It is formed where the thigh bone (femur) meets the ilium, Ischium and pubis (hip joint). The hip joint is designed for stability and weight bearing.

Large ligaments, tendons and muscles around the hip joint (joint capsule) hold the bones in place, enable movement and keep the joint from dislocating. Major nerves and blood vessels run through the hip. These include the sciatic nerve, the femoral nerve and the femoral artery.

A smooth cushion of shiny white articular cartilage covers the femoral head and the acetabulum. The articular cartilage is kept healthy by synovial fluid. Since the cartilage is smooth, the bones move against each other easily and without pain.

Following an injury or wear and tear, the joint cartilage can become worn causing pain, swelling, grating and loss of hip joint motion. Muscle weakness and resultant deterioration of hip joint cartilage can contribute towards pain and instability.

Sporting injuries may also tear muscles and ligaments surrounding the hip joint causing pain and discomfort requiring assessment and medical treatment.

Your GP may refer you to a specialist for assessment of your hip and provide diagnosis and recommend treatment options.

Following examination Mr Kozak will provide further treatment options specific to the condition of your hip.

Further radiological investigations and MRI may be required to determine the extent of your hip injury.

Anatomy of the hip

Diagram showing the anatomy of the hip.


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