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What areas does Mr Kozak treat?

Mr Kozak specialises in shoulder, elbow, wrist (carpal tunnel), hip and knee problems.

Do I need a referral?

Yes, you will need a written referral from a General Practitioner or a specialist doctor. A referral from a GP is valid for 12 months. A referral from a specialist is valid for 3 months. The referral must be current in order to be eligible for a rebate from Medicare.

It is the responsibility of the patient to ensure their referral is valid when booking future appointments.

You will also need to fill in our Patient Information Form. Please call (08) 9381 3084 during office hours to make an appointment.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

You will need to bring:
  • a referral from a GP or specialist
  • your Medicare or Veterans Affairs card
  • a Pension or Commonwealth Health Care card
  • your private health fund information
  • any relevant radiological investigations (e.g. x-rays, MRI, or CT scans)
  • details of current prescribed medications
  • claim details for MVIT or Workers Compensation.

Please call (08) 9381 3084 during office hours to make an appointment.

Where are you located?

Mr Kozak sees patients at our clinics in Subiaco and Duncraig.
The Subiaco clinic is held every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and alternating Thursdays and Fridays.
The Duncraig clinic is held once a week, on alternating Thursdays and Fridays.

Please see the Contact Us page for address and maps. Parking information is on this page.

Where is surgery performed?

Surgery is performed at Hollywood Hospital every Monday afternoon and alternating Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

Surgery is performed at Glengarry Hospital every second Wednesday afternoon.

All joint replacement surgery is undertaken at Hollywood Hospital. Arthroscopic surgery may be performed at Hollywood Hospital or Glengarry Hospital (suitability for Glengarry Hospital is assessed on a case-by-case basis).

Do I need to have private health insurance?

Unless you are a DVA card holder or your injury is a result of a motor vehicle injury or a worker's compensation claim, you will need to provide details of private health insurance with hospital cover.

Mr Kozak is unable to treat patients through the public hospital system. If you do not have private health insurance, please ask your GP to send your referral to your closest public hospital orthopaedic outpatient clinic.

What are your fees?

Initial consultations are charged at $200.00 (Pension card holders – $190.00)
Follow up consultations are charged at $120.00 (Pension card holders – $110.00)

All consultation fees (excluding DVA, worker's compensation and MVIT claims) are to be settled on the day of the appointment.

Receipt of payment will be sent to Medicare for the rebate amount to be credited to your account.

Post-operative consultations are bulk-billed (providing your referral is still current).

How much will surgery cost?

Mr Kozak charges below the AMA List of Medical Services and Fees, however there may be an out of pocket expense ('Gap') which is payable by the patient. This fee is not covered by either Medicare or your private health insurance fund. Please speak to our staff to find out if you will be liable for a gap fee.

In addition to this fee, you may also receive an account from the Anaesthetist and perhaps a sundry account for pharmacy, etc.

Please contact your private hospital fund to determine your hospital excess. Some health funds do not charge an excess for day surgery.

If item number 50124* is charged (for an injection into or out of the joint), unfortunately this item is not recognised by the health funds and therefore will not receive benefit – the fee for an injection is $50.00 per site.

Mr Kozak has a Practitioner who assists with instrumentation and patient care during operative procedures. A fee will be charged directly from the Assistant (Dr Daryl Sosa) and there will be a gap following payment from your health fund of approximately $125.00.

How long will I be in hospital after surgery?

Most arthroscopic knee procedures are performed as day surgery.
Most arthroscopic shoulder and elbow surgery involves an overnight stay.
Joint replacement surgery involves a stay of approximately 5 nights.
Your length of stay in hospital may also be affected by your prior medical history and medications. Mr Kozak will discuss this with you on an individual basis.

Can I get a medical certificate?

We can provide confirmation of attendance at a clinical consultation on the day of the consult if required.

If you have surgery, we can provide a medical certificate at your first post-operative appointment. The length of time you will have off work will depend on the nature of your work and the type of surgery you have had.

Surgical Appointments

Hollywood Hospital
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