Elbow Arthroscopy

photograph of arthroscopic equipment.
An elbow arthroscopy is a surgical procedure used to examine and assist diagnosis of medical conditions of the elbow joint.

Arthroscopic surgery is useful for the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of inner elbow conditions including; loose bodies, degeneration of the elbow joint and tendon damage.

An arthroscopic procedure of the elbow is usually performed as a day-only procedure at either Hollywood Hospital or Glengarry Hospital.

Following a mid morning admission, the surgical procedure is usually scheduled for early afternoon. There is not normally a need to consult with the anaesthetist prior to the operating day, but we do suggest you make contact if you have had any of the following:
  • Head or Heart Surgery
  • Lapband Insitu
  • Blood Thinning Medication
  • Relevant Medical History.
Watch the Video: Elbow Arthroscopy.

After surgery

Following surgery, you will be taken to recovery. Once awake you will notice a bandage on your elbow.

An information sheet will be provided with notification of the surgical procedure along with information regarding recovery and further follow up. Nursing staff will provide medication and post operative instruction.

Your person of contact will be notified with an expected discharge time.

At home

Once home, the outer bandage may be re-tightened. The arthroscopic portals will have been closed with sutures and steri-strips applied to protect the wound. Please keep the bandage on until your review appointment with Mr Kozak.
See additional post-operative instructions here.

Please phone Mr Kozak’s rooms on 9381 3084 to schedule a post-operative appointment for 7–10 days following surgery.

As an arthroscopic incision is much smaller than an open procedure, the healing time is much faster and risks of complications are reduced.

Depending on work environments, most patients return to work two weeks following arthroscopic elbow surgery. Medical certificates can be written upon request at the first post-operative appointment.

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